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PRoperty Search Instructions

Click on the "AREA LISTINGS" link at top of home page, then:

1) In the upper left pop-up box, fill in the criteria you want on the property you are                             searching: school isd, city, price parameters, sub-property type (lower right corner of box-           house, condo, etc.)  .

2) Click on "Search" at right lower corner of pop-up box.

3) Drag the map to the area where you are searching.

4) Click on the green or orange icon of the property you want to look at.

​5) Click on the blue MLS # --the information and pictures of that particular property will        appear.

​6) Click on "Back to Map" link (top right) to go back to map of all listings.

7) While in map mode, you can click on "Search" (upper left corner) to change search criteria.